Kathryn Ripp, LCSW, CSAC

A photo of Kathryn Ripp

My particular style of therapy is nourished by these aspects of me:

  • mother of two
  • stepmother of three
  • partner of twenty seven years
  • psychotherapist and drug/alcohol counselor of twenty nine years
  • previous career as an occupational therapist
  • third generation native Madisonian
  • singer/songwriter
  • artist
  • active user of dreamwork to heal since teenage years
  • highly value the power of spirituality and community in healing

I love being a therapist and having the privilege of helping people heal, grow, and discover (or re-discover) their purpose in life. It takes tremendous courage to share with another person what you want to change about yourself. I feel that my role is to be a compassionate guide and facilitator to help you learn about yourself, your roots, your helpful and unhelpful personal habits and patterns with others. As this process unfolds, pathways to healing become more apparent. I use art, music, psychodrama, dreamwork, intuition and active listening to help you challenge yourself and become the sort of person you want to be in the world.

How to reach me:

(608) 256-5115 #4      24 hour confidential voicemail


Please let me know the best way to reach you directly.