Amy Ginko, LPC

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You can be happy. You may not believe that right now. There may not be any pockets of peace in your life right now, and the purpose and meaning of life’s events may not be clear. It may be a loved one for whom you are concerned. Your unease might range from daily stress or depression to family and/or relationship discord to more acute situations such as trauma, grief or loss, divorce or thoughts that death might be a relief. Your behaviors and choices might be confusing to you and may not be aligned with the precious person you truly are.

Fear is the greatest obstacle to healing: fear of pain, fear of being alone, fear of the truth, fear of the mess change would require. We will often live a subsistence life emotionally, in our relationships, jobs and activities rather than live fully with joy and purpose. We will do almost anything to avoid our fears: T.V., Internet, work, hobbies, food, substances, affairs, exercise — distractions of every kind. Fear makes us try to control our environments and other people — a tactic that inevitably serves to alienate others and sabotage the safety and reassurance we so crave.

“Getting counseling” can be a daunting idea — try to think of it as simply having someone shine a lantern on your dark or craggy path, helping you see the stepping stones that are already there. Sometimes this process can be uncomfortable, even painful, but that is the course of healing. Truths must be brought out into the light and acknowledged with compassion; the shame and pain are released and healed so that they no longer inform your mood, choices and life. The path becomes peaceful and meaningful.

I have experienced therapeutic success working with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families — all with widely diverse backgrounds and stories.

I will be providing a new kind of therapy for youth between the ages of 10 and 16 with behavioral and/or emotional issues. Heartmath is a neurobiofeedback program to aid the brain with self-regulation. It can be effective for children with frontal lobe or executive functioning issues, past trauma, sensory integration issues, RAD and attachment issues.

The antidote to fear is courage and courage can exist in microscopic bubbles — fortunately, that’s all it takes — a tiny bubble of courage…

You have a purpose and you can be happy.

Amy C. Ginko, M.A., L.P.C. (608) 256-5115 ext 11